An Emi a Day for 366

My friend and I decided to commit to a 366 blog--check him out at We plan for this to be a collab of sorts so, for the next 366 days, we will be posting miscellaneous/related posts! Please enjoy as often as possible :)


Late Day 40: Little things

Yesterday….I got to go to sleep before 11 


Late Day 39: Journal

Will do sometime….


Late Day 38: Random fact

Saint Stephen is the patron saint of Brick Layers.


Late Day 37: Tales from ASCA District and Trivia night

Yes, I know that Friday is Nerdy Joke day, but as we know I’m not very good at this “Schedule” thing so, I’m doing something different! 

Friday, Pelham’s Varsity Scholars’ Bowl team traveled to Jeff State Community College for the District tournament against every frickin’ private school in the state (Unfortunately, private schools are our toughest competitors). It was a fun day though. The Readers were on Jeff State’s quiz bowl team so they were also nerdy, and therefore, we were connected via mutual nerdiness. 

Some of the rounds were painful (ASFA) but we would always tie in the last round before they smashed us (!!!). However, we beat Homewood and Shelby County and because of that, we made it to regionals (!!!!!!!). We’re still pretty shocked by this; Pelham hasn’t been to regionals for a couple of years (I’m not sure of the quantity so I’ve been reporting 5). THAT tournament is Saturday, March 3. 

Friday evening, we fulfilled our usual Friday night tradition of Trivia Night at our local coffee shop. We lost because our brains were most likely at Jeff State but we made some new friends. 

(Atrocious quality is atrocious)


Late Day 36: Tales from Moon buggy

The night began with paper work. 

Things are progressing quite smoothly, actually. We are all getting better at this “team work” thing and, if I may be so bold, we’re becoming friends. I think the majority of the group has become comfortable around everyone else, which is good.

It was cold Thursday and gluing in the driveway was physically painful, by the end of the night, my hands—as well as Comer’s, DJ’s, Brandon’s, Brooke’s, Tracy’s (pretty much everyone not inside)—were red and numb. However, Darla is only one or two gluing jobs from being finished. 

Honestly, that’s really all that happened. Gluing PVC and trying to make the guys focus for 45 seconds has only so much entertainment value. 

Thankfully, we did not have a failure this week :D Progress!!


Late Day 35: P-photographs

Hot Peach Tea after Scholars’ Bowl <3 


Late Day 34: Some sort of writing thing

This is a few months old (November, I believe) but I still like it

As I’ve been lying in bed with balls of Kleenexes up my nose and the room spinning around me, I’ve had time to consider many things.

I feel really left out when my musician friends talk about music. I feel like I’m being left out because I can’t comprehend it to the extent that they can….and maybe that’s true but I love music. I’ll always love it. I love getting lost in it. I love listening to people play. I love watching the emotion that comes over someone when they play. It is probably the rawest I will ever see someone. I love that I love it. I love that I’m not ashamed of the music I like. I love that music can convey things that text can’t convey (lord knows I’m working on that). The love of music is the most basic love we have and I hope that it prevails.

Recently, the population of the world hit 7 billion. That’s 7,000,000,000. That’s absolutely incredible. I think we forget that we’re not alone and that the company extends past our neighborhood, our school, our state, our region, our country! For every person that is alive, they have a doppelganger somewhere on this planet. Every single person has a story, a past, thoughts…they aren’t problems. They aren’t evil. They aren’t black or white; they’re just people; humans. No one’s beliefs are better than anyone else’s; no one is completely good or completely malicious. When you say that someone is wrong, ask yourself why you think that and what makes you right. Henry Miller said “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” All 7 billion of us are joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely alive.

I’ve also been thinking about a graduation speech. Yea, I know it’s early. To me, there are two possible routes; you can take the humor route or the sentimental route. Of course, there are characteristics of each in each other 


Day 33: Little things challenge

Vince found my 5th grade memory book today. I can’t really explain why I’m so happy about this but it’s…nice to look back at all the things we wrote and how much we’ve grown up. 


Day 32: Journal

I finished City of Glass today. I feel bad, not just because something else ended but because I had to shirk off much of my work in order to read. I don’t like to choose between the things I enjoy and the things I have to do. And especially, I don’t like shirking my work.

Lately, I’ve been feeling incredibly defensive and hostile. I’m sick of hearing the implication that I should regret taking physics simply because I’m struggling. You don’t get anywhere in life by floating along. With Prom coming up, I feel incredibly judgmental of my appearance. 

Speaking of Physics, last night I went to my Engineer neighbors to get help with my physics. My intention was to be done in an hours time and maybe get to go to Kami-con…no, it took 4 hours! I was unaware that they had no clue what they were doing so I had to teach them and then myself…which I could’ve done anyway! I don’t begrudge them anything, it was fun. I got a glimpse of what life will be like next year. Me, seated at a table with people who I acknowledge to be much smarter that I, glowering at my homework and eating. And then it will dissolve into laughter and discussions of the future and reminiscing about the past.

That’s Matt and Renee (Who felt like making a face) 

This is popcorn, AKA, distraction

The other night at Trivia, Sam called me dear while we stood at the counter. He called me dear at the end of write night. Perhaps he’d done if before and I just didn’t notice. I told Catherine about it and she says she found it patronizing. I don’t know, I rather like it. It makes me feel special. But then again, it reminds me of Alex. He called me dear when I first met him and it was the first time someone made me feel special and pretty and wanted with a single word. I guess I haven’t gotten over those memories.

There’s a new, not un-attractive, boy at the school and he has become quite the conversation topic amoung us girls. However, we don’t know his last name so we just call him “New Kid-Michael.” 

It’s weird, the process of falling in love with celebrities. It’s like, you keep telling yourself over and over again that you’re crazy, that you should just let all of the hope go because its impossible. But then that little persistent voice in your head—the voice that told you that if you jumped out of the tree you’d catch a branch and be ok because Totally Spies did it everyday—tells you that there is a chance. That you never know, and then, you’re in love (Or at least you’ve developed a crush). You look at them and think of all the ways in which you’d get along and why you like them and why they stop your heart, or break your heart. But you know you can’t be with them, that they don’t even have an inkling that you might exist, and then there’s just sadness, and longing. 

Brooke is currently having another crisis. I rather like helping, it takes my mind off of me. Lately I have been so self absorbed. I only have been thinking about my pain, my wants, my needs. I feel like I’m putting everyone above myself and trying harder than ever to be there for only them and yet, all my thoughts and my complaints and my stories, revolve around me: what I’m feeling, why I’m upset, why I’m hurting, that I’m hurting…I don’t know what to do about me. Brooke is upset over these two boys whom she legitimately loves and they both really care about her. I feel for her and I wish I could help. She said she doesn’t want them to leave her and I wish I could tell her what I know and make her believe me. All relationships end, in either break up, divorce, or death and her’s will end as well. We’re graduating in only a few months and she and her boyfriend are going to different schools. Break up is inevitable and I think she knows that (or, at least, I hope she does) but I can still see us in her basement with Juice and candy and movies; her crying her eyes out as she rails against Brandon for leaving her. That they could’ve made it work, that he didn’t have to. And me, sitting beside her, rubbing her back and nodding with her, saying I’m sorry and that she’s right while my attempts at trying to convince her that it was for the best fall on deaf and uncaring ears. And she’ll either be so despondent that she won’t go out with her other guy or she’ll be so angry that she will and, in the end, lose him too. I mean, I REALLY hope that I’m wrong. I hope that she breaks up with Brandon—like, not in a mean way, but just to save her feelings—and that he’s ok with it and that she can find happiness.  Sometimes, I want to get hostile. I want to make her understand that she WILL get hurt, no matter what she does and that she needs to accept that and be ready for it; that she can’t go on believing that she will ride into the sunset with somebody who she currently loves. Life doesn’t work like that, at least not now. She’s too young to expect that and I want her to understand that hope can not save a relationship, that love can’t save a relationship; that love between two teenagers can’t stifle human sexuality, restlessness, or the need for change any more than a screen door can stop a flood. 

I suppose I’ll end it there. Goodnight tumblr, á demain. 


Late Day 31: Random Fact

In honor of the super bowl, here is your foot-ball related random fact: 

Oranges became the halftime fruit of choice following the outbreak of Spanish flu in 1920 in a show of solidarity between English and Spanish players